Flipped Learning Global Initiative Launched on June 27th 2016

Worldwide coalition formed to support the successful adoption and implementation of flipped learning across the globe.

Flipped Learning: A Global Movement

All around the world interest in flipped learning is growing among educators, school administrators, and education leaders.


Flipped learning requires a radical redefinition of the role of the teacher, the student and the best use of time between them.


Successful migration to the flipped learning model requires an investment of time. This means support from school administrators and school leaders is pivotal.

Keep it Simple

In the end, successful flipped learning comes down to  fostering more productive relationships between students and teachers and keeping the process simple.


Successful implementation of flipped learning requires a mastery of the pedagogy and best practices of the flipped classroom.


Technology is central to flipped learning. Identifying the right technology, the right technology providers and securing the necessary technical training are vital.

Take it Global

Around the globe, increasing numbers of teachers and school leaders are flipping their classes. Our goal is to help spread flipped learning’s best thinking, best practices and best technologies worldwide.

Flipped Learning Mission Partners

Tales of Flipped Learning Worldwide

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