Flipped Learning International Ambassadors


Ambassador Roster:

Welcome to the Flipped Learning International Ambassador Program. These distinguished educators are Flipped Learning Global Ambassadors who are spreading the successful adoption of flipped learning across the globe.

Ambassador Privileges:

  • Listed with Global Ambassadors, Research Fellows and Master Teachers on the FLGI 100
  • Discounted/Free access to local FlipCon Events
  • Ambassador ID badge at FlipCon events
  • Digital Ambassador badge for your website or blog
  • Access to VIP Ambassador lounge at all events
  • Members only briefings and previews of new developments
  • Free  samples and demos of new flipped learning technologies.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

As a Flipped Learning International Ambassador, your primary responsibility is to represent the Flipped Learning Global Initiative to your community and represent your community to the FLGI.  Ambassadors agree to:

  • Be part of the FGLI advisory board, sharing your insights and opinions on new projects and programs.
  • Beta test new flipped learning technologies.
  • Help identify challenges and opportunities to support  flipped learning around the world.
  • Spread the word about new FLGI programs, projects, and technology when announced.

Thanks for being part of the vision of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative.

Jon Bergmann – Co-Founder of the Flipped Classroom

Errol St.Clair Smith – FLGI Director of Global Development