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We are seeing an explosion of advanced Flipped Learning teaching strategies that include things like innovative combinations of mastery learning, gamification, and artificial intelligence to the discovery of the essential details that create more effective flipped classrooms. How up-to-speed are you on the most advanced Flipped Learning strategies? How do your advanced Flipped Learning skills compare to other Flipped Learning teachers and professors around the world? Click the green button to run through the NEW 10-question checklist and get your Advanced Flipped Learning Skills Score in 30 seconds.

All of your course assessments should be…

1 out of 10

While students are deeply engaged in classroom activities…

2 out of 10

Every flipped course or school year should begin with…

3 out of 10

In my flipped classroom…

4 out of 10

When my flipped lesson plan fails…

5 out of 10

Which option best describes your scenario?

6 out of 10

I regularly use the following in my flipped classroom:

7 out of 10

Before I start teaching a new flipped class or new flipped lesson…

8 out of 10

My Flipped Learning digital best practices include:

9 out of 10

When you walk into my classroom you can easily see that…

10 out of 10


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