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Bridget Donovan - Flipped Learning Global Initiative: The Exchange

Bridget Donovan

Bridget Donovan

My name is Bridget Donovan and I am a New Zealand trained and registered teacher, teaching in New Zealand. I hold a Bachelors Double major Degree in English and Journalism and secondly a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning. Following that, I had only been teaching 3 years when I decided to complete my Masters in Education, endorsed with e-Learning. I love a challenge! Starting my career in Christchurch post earthquakes set a certain tone in education for me, and not to mention entering a strong profession that is amongst huge ongoing change with Modern Learning Environments (open plan classrooms) and digital technologies. I had begun my journey alongside many who were not happy, uncertain for what the future holds or who were tired out. Much of that is still the same now, but more PD seems to be shedding the light in the right direction for many.

One particular (and very challenging) Masters paper brought me in the direction of Flipped Learning. I completed research and developed an intervention for my class of year 3/4’s and began flipping with a trail account of Schoology and my own independent peer-research about Flipped Learning. The focus of the intervention was about how we can increase extrinsic motivation using such an approach to teaching and learning as flipped learning and an effective LMS. After conversing with Jon himself, I found the light of the Flipped Learning Certification. (Thanks Jon!) I have flipped writing, maths and now my class have decided to create a “How to Flip – for Teachers, by Students”. Feel free to try it yourself!

This course, combined with many other aspects in my career are only the beginning of great changes I would like to a fundamental part of in New Zealand education and e-Learning. Next for me is the Flipped Learning Trainer Certification – I would like to put all of my new expertise together and support people to flip throughout New Zealand.