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Gakuji Jake Tobiyama - Flipped Learning Global Initiative: The Exchange

Gakuji Jake Tobiyama

Flipped Learning Certified Educator

Gakuji Jake Tobiyama

Science Teacher

I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree (General Biology) at the University of British Columbia (Canada), Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) and secondary school teaching diploma at Bukkyo University (Kyoto, Japan) and a Master of Education (TESL) at the University of Tasmania (Australia). I am now enrolled in a graduate program in teaching middle school mathematics at Edith Cowan University (Australia). I am about to embark on a new career teaching middle school science at an international school in Beijing, where Flipped Learning and PBL seems to be at the forefront of their educational philosophy, so I feel very lucky and excited to get started. On the side, I am also involved in a pet project/future venture business of teaching online to a particular niche of age-specific, subject-specific learners using a mastery learning/community supported strategy. This is no longer a novel idea in itself, but my dream is that I will take my ideas to serve a target audience who are in remote regions in the world where education is a luxury and student dropouts are low. Dreaming big, starting small.