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Hani Fadel - Flipped Learning Global Initiative: The Exchange

Hani Fadel

Hani Fadel

I’m a Dentist! I obtained my bachelor in dental surgery form KSU in Riyadh. Then I went to Gothenburg, Sweden to study Periodontology (i.e. studies related to tooth-supporting structures), where I had my clinical training and obtained my PhD. Eventually I returned to Saudi and followed my passion in Education by obtaining a Masters in Medical Education degree (KSAU-HS) and completed a postgraduate training course in teaching and learning by the Higher Education Academy in UK. Interestingly, my Masters project with related to the comparison between Flipped Learning and Traditional Lecturing in during Periodontology sessions, and the results were amazing!

Currently I’m an an Assistant Professor in Periodontology at Taibah University in Madinah, where I held several administrative positions in the past, including the Director of the University Teaching & Learning Center.

During my sessions with the students I follow a Flipped Learning strategy by providing the students with pre-recorded videos of my lectures and utilise class time for more active and deeper learning. I’m a fan of Peer Instruction and I event write a book chapter in the book “Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education”, edited by Branch et al. (2017) about my personal experience on the topic in the Dental School. I’m also continuously experimenting other ways to make use of group space, including Game-Based Learning strategies. I’m also regularly invited locally to faculty development workshops to discuss active learning strategies within the Flipped Classroom.