Flipped Learning Master Class Facilitator

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Flipped Learning educators who want to start teaching other educators how to effectively flip their lessons. The facilitator certification program offers a step-by-step guide for beginners along with a complete support system.

Experienced Facilitators

Experienced Flipped Learning trainers who want to upgrade from conducting single-expert workshops to multi-expert master classes in Flipped Learning. The program offers all of the necessary credentials, resources, and support, along with a proven roadmap to deliver world-class Flipped Learning professional development.

Transitioning Administrators

Administrators who would like to set up an in-house Flipped Learning professional development program based on proven global best practices. This program provides everything you’ll need from A-Z along with the support you’ll need along the way.

What Is a Master Class Facilitator?

Master Class Facilitators know that no single Flipped Learning expert knows it all.  So they bring the expertise of 20 to 30 Flipped Learning masters into every workshop they host. 

The Flipped Learning Facilitator | Coach Certification was specifically created for educators who want to offer globally recognized master classes in Flipped Learning that qualify for university credit.  The program structure is designed to enable trainers to be part of an established and accredited master class system while maintaining the independence to deliver personalized, customized Flipped Learning workshops on your own terms. 

The master class facilitator program includes nine (9) units and takes 5-6 hours to finish. Once completed, the program qualifies you to partner with FLGI to deliver Flipped Learning training that is:

  • Peer-reviewed and university accredited
  • Eligible for college credit after completion
  • Based on the most current global best practices
  • Infused with strategies from a global cohort of over 100 Flipped Learning Master practitioners
  • Presented with proven and highly rated course materials
  • Recognized, respected, and valued in over 49 countries 
  • Flipped, blended, and includes robust active learning strategies
  • Supported by ongoing coaching for facilitators and trainees
  • Backed by an FLGI performance guarantee

What Makes This Different?


Become a Master Class Facilitator 

To become a Certified Flipped Learning Facilitator | Coach, you’ll need to have at least one year of Flipped Learning teaching experience.  Once you apply you’ll be sent a Facilitator Program Partner agreement which you’ll need to sign to be accepted into the program. Register for the program below.

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