Check Your Flipped Learning Competency Score


Flipped Learning is now over 10 years old.  One thing that changed last year is that 100 Flipped Learning practitioners from 49 countries collaborated to create a mega list of  Flipped Learning best practices. This peer-reviewed list gives us an unprecedented level of clarity into what it takes to lead an effective flipped classroom.  How well do your Flipped Learning skills match these best practices? How do your skills compare to other Flipped Learning teachers and professors around the world? Click the green button to run through a quick 10-question checklist and get your Flipped Learning Competency Score in 30 seconds.

1 – The videos my students watch at home are:

1 out of 10

2 – When I'm planning my flipped lessons…

2 out of 10

3 – Flipped Learning is… 

3 out of 10

4 – Putting my lessons on video…

4 out of 10

7 – Tech-savvy students should not be taught how to watch the videos you send home

5 out of 10

6 – The pre-work you send home should:

6 out of 10

5 – In my flipped classes…

7 out of 10

8 – My strategy for introducing a new group space activities is to:

8 out of 10

9 – My flipped lessons are getting better because…

9 out of 10

10 – Which option best describes your situation?

10 out of 10


You've completed the  Flipped Learning Currency test. The highest possible score is 850.
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