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Homework Simplified: How Flipped Learning Transforms the H Word - Flipped Learning Global Initiative: The Exchange

Homework Simplified

How Flipped Learning Transforms the H Word

Homework Simplified: How Flipped Learning Transforms the H Word

I have been working on a new book about Flipped Learning and Homework.  My main point is that Flipped Learning can solve the age-old homework question.

As I am writing the book much of the content is from my perspective as a twenty-four year classroom teacher.  However, what I would like more of is to hear from students in flipped classes.  To that end I have created an online survey I would like teachers to have their students fill out.  I will not collect any of their information, just their thoughts and impressions.  I would appreciate it if you would have your students take this quick survey.  The last question asks them to share their teacher’s email address so that I can pick a few teachers who will get a signed book.  
So please have your students fill this out.  I need this done by February 8th (The day after the Super Bowl).  The form can be linked here http://bit.ly/fliphw or it is embedded below.

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