Certified Technology Partner


Company – iSchool

Category – Chinese Learning Management System

Physical address – 300 新竹市自由路 111 號 11 樓

Website URL – www.ischool.com.tw

Customer support contact – support@ischool.com.tw

Company founded – 2009

Product description –   OneKnow is the first learning management system in the world that was designed specifically for the flipped class model. It has powerful video analytics, built in video quizzing, and deep integration with google apps, iSchool, Office Mix and many other tools. This platform is called 1Know in the Taiwanese market  and BeFlipper in the Chinese market.

Tech requirements –

  • Web Browser
  • High speed Internet access

Grade levels served – K-12

Target User: 

Teachers, admin, students, parents

Pricing plan –

Set up cost / additional fees –

Training options –

Customer support options – Phone, online and onsite  customer support

Current number of users worldwide –

FLGI Rating and Review:

Initial Cost4
Hidden Costs4
Switching Costs5
User Friendliness5
Need for High Bandwidth4
Cultural Compatibility4
Technology Life Cycle5
Ease of Set-Up5
Training and Time5
Student Privacy5
Student Safety5
StrengthsThis LMS is video-centric with deep analytics with regard to video. It integrates with virtually all other platforms and has a rapid upgrade cycle. It has a simple user interface which is intuitive and easy to learn.
WeaknessesAs of now this is only available in Chinese. Since videos are streamed it takes a fair amount of bandwidth.

 iSchool is the preferred learning management system provider for the Flipped Learning Global Initiative in Taiwan and China.