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Master the ways top schools use Flipped Learning to reach every student every day

“What is the best use of class time? This is the single most transformative question any educator can ask.” – Jon Bergmann, Author of 10 Books on Flipped Learning.

Learning with the Top 5% in the World

FLGI partners with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and the United Daily News Group, to identify exceptional candidates for Flipped Learning Ivy Schools in Taiwan. Students and teachers at these schools will learn with the best in the world.

The Top 5%

In November of 2018, FLGI  organized the “ivy league” of original founders and pioneers of Flipped Learning around the globe into a professional development alliance. The goal of the Flipped Learning Alliance is to help a network of committed schools become the top 5 percent of active learning schools in the world.  These exceptional model schools are called Flipped Learning Ivy Schools – internationally recognized centers of active learning facilitated by certified world-class teachers.

FLGI has partnered with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and the United Daily News Group,  to identify and support exceptional candidates for Flipped Learning Ivy Schools in Taiwan and China.

The Process

To become Flipped Learning Ivy Schools candidates must complete a comprehensive and internationally accredited professional development program. The program is created in association with the most distinguished Flipped Learning practitioners in Taiwan and the world. To become a Flipped Learning Ivy School, candidates need to be nominated by a recognized organization, apply for the scholarship, and be accepted into the program.

The Benefits

Accepted schools are granted a full professional development scholarship for up to 100 teachers for the Flipped Learning Level-I certification. The FLGI Flipped Learning Certification program is internationally recognized and accredited in the US, Australia, Taiwan, and the European Union.   Flipped Learning Ivy Schools receive the International Flipped Learning Award and become members of a global network of distinguished educators, schools and school systems that have received the honor. Scroll down to learn more about the program, see the full list of benefits and to apply to the program.


Learn How We Help You Reach Every Student

Flipped Learning is a framework that enables educators to reach every student. The Flipped approach inverts the traditional classroom model by introducing course concepts before class, allowing educators to use class time to guide each student through active, practical, innovative applications of the course principles.

Flipped Learning was pioneered and popularized in higher education by Eric Mazur and in K-12 by Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams. The framework is now used around the world to teach subjects including science, math, reading, and history, to dance, medicine, and law.  Flipped Learning educators are reaching every student in primary schools like Ashhurst, high schools like Clintondale, and universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and the first fully flipped university, MEF.  We can partner with you to co-design your transition to Flipped Learning or introduce advanced Flipped Classroom strategies to your staff.

In February 2018, the Flipped Learning Global Initiative adopted the first version of the International Flipped Learning Training Standards. In March, the first 20 K-12 schools and universities around the world signed on to adopt the International Training Standards v.1.0 and agreed to collaborate on developing a global framework for Flipped Learning teachers, administrators, and students. These pioneering were the first generation of Flipped Learning model schools leading the way to the future of Flipped Learning, The list includes:

  • Clintondale High School   | USA
  • Glenunga International High School | Australia
  • Ashhurst Primary School | New Zealand
  • University of Adelaide | Australia
  • Liberty Middle School |  USA
  • MEF University | Turkey
  • Craig Middle School | USA
  • Colegio Hispano Inglés | Spain
  • Colegio Alcaste-Las Fuentes | Spain
  • Saint Stephen's College | Australia
  • Universidad Francisco de Vitoria | Spain
  • Shireland Collegiate Academy | UK
  • Colegio Vedruna-FEC | Spain
  • Colegio Arenales Carabanchel | Spain
  • Real Moasterio Desanta Isabel | Spain
  • Pembroke Dock Community School | UK
  • San Gabriel | Spain
  • Santa Teresa | Spain
  • Polytechnic of Viseu | Portugal
  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | Taiwan

In February 2019, FLGI partnered with UDN in Taiwan, Ohio Valley University in the USA, Fundacion Universidad De La Rioja |  in Spain, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, NSW | Education Standards Authority, in Australia, MEF University in Turkey, and the European Initiative for Education to launch the Flipped Learning Ivy Schools program. FLGI Ivy Schools complete a comprehensive and internationally accredited PD program developed in association with the most distinguished Flipped Learning practitioners in the world.

To become a Flipped Learning Ivy School, candidates need to apply and be accepted into the program. Once accepted The candidates agree to:

-- Adopt the new AALAS global standards for Flipped Learning

-- Put their teachers through FLGI's internationally recognized and accredited professional development program.

-- Establish an ongoing  Flipped Learning support program for their teachers

Schools that meet the three criteria are distinguished worldwide as among the best active learning schools in the world.

International Recognition

The FLGI Flipped Learning Certification program is internationally recognized and accredited in the US, Australia, Taiwan, and the European Union.

All teachers who complete the program receive the Flipped learning Level - I Certification.  Schools that adopt the AALAS standards, put their staff through the FLGI Professional Development Program, and establish an ongoing Flipped Learning support system for their teachers, will be recognized as Flipped Learning Ivy Schools.

Flipped learning Ivy School receive the International Flipped Learning Award and become members of a global network of distinguished educators, schools and school systems that have received the honor. The school is featured in FLR Magazine and is listed in the FLGI global registry of Flipped Learning Ivy Schools. Schools who complete the program are eligible to apply for Flipped Learning certified coaches program to establish an in-house flipped learning support team for the school or university.

Flipped Learning Ivy Schools can opt to be listed as teaching schools that are paid to host teacher tours and on-site professional learning for teachers from other schools.

Finally, all Flipped Learning Ivy Schools qualify to apply for AALAS accreditation as an International model school that meets the AALAS Global Standards for effective flipped learning.

Jon Bergmann is FLGI's Chief Academic Officer and leads a global cohort of the most experienced Flipped Learning practitioners in the field. Under Jon’s guidance, FLGI has developed a comprehensive Flipped Learning Professional Development Program to help educators reach every student, in every class, every day.  The professional development leverages over two decades of global experience helping educators, schools, and school systems successfully adopt the Flipped Learning framework.

The program includes a fully developed Flipped Learning PD Curriculum and offers a proven, professional development strategy for schools, universities, and organizations. This internationally accredited training program is *flipped* and uses a suite of Flipped Learning 3.0 videos for the basic instruction. The online training is followed by face-to-face, active learning workshops, facilitated by FLGI certified instructors, and 24/7, ongoing, post-training support worldwide. The faculty provides training and support in six languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Chinese. Finally, educators can deepen their understanding and mastery by visiting one of our 327+ Model Classrooms, and 20 Model Schools including the fully-flipped flagship, MEF University.

The Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning Table (GEEFL) is part of the FLGI roadmap to Flipped Learning professional development. The table makes the core AALAS Global Standards framework easily accessible and actionable. GEEFL divides the AALAS framework into color-coded families, elements, and unique symbols. The table links each family of skills to the specific FGLI courses and certifications where educators can get support and develop mastery of the selected best practices.

The professional development program was designed to set an unparalleled standard for Flipped Learning PD.  It has four primary advantages over most available Flipped Learning training options:

The Gold Standard

The PD is based on globally-curated, peer-reviewed best practices and was designed to meet or exceed the AALAS Global Gold Standard. The training program is internationally accredited and qualifies for graduate credit.


The PD begins online, ensuring that every educator, anywhere in the world, gets the same comprehensive quality of professional development on the fundamentals of Flipped Learning.
Currency The professional development program is supported by the most rigorous content-updating system and schedule in the field. This ensures the most current global best practices are included in the PD.
Master Classes The professional development is not delivered by any single Flipped Learning "expert".  The PD is delivered by a "global team" of the best Flipped Learning practitioners in the world.

All faculty members are experienced Flipped Learning practitioners who completed a comprehensive training program with Jon Bergmann on the fundamental and advanced principles of Flipped Learning 3.0. Further, every faculty member is FLGI Trainer Level - II certified and has completed an intensive program to prepare them to deliver the highest standard of training in Flipped Learning.  As global collaboration is the defining quality of Flipped Learning 3.0, all faculty members were required to complete a demanding practicum, and have demonstrated proficiency in collaborating across cultures, time zones, and disciplines. We have International Faculty members on four continents with diverse Flipped Learning specialties and areas of expertise from K-12 to higher ed, and corporate training.  When your staff receives professional development from an International Faculty member they are eligible to receive globally recognized certificates of training from the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. They also receive ongoing support.


Our Asia Team

FLGI research found that as high as 80% of veteran Flipped Learning practitioners are three to five years behind global best practices. We solve this problem by combining global and local expertise.

  • The core professional development is delivered online by the leading global curator of Flipped Learning best practices.
  • The practical, hands-on professional development is delivered by Certified On-Site Facilitators who customize the face-to-face follow-up PD and support.

The magic of this global-local blended model is that the professional development is highly standardized where it matters most and highly customized, personalized, and contextualized where it matters most. 

The global-local blended model ensures you'll get the most current and the most customized professional development for your investment in professional development.

  • Flipped Learning for Higher Education
  • Flipped Learning Remediation

Resistance to change is one of the biggest obstacles to successfully reaching every student through Flipped Learning. This is why many educators who have successfully flipped their classrooms routinely fail when they try to get other teachers to flip their classes. 

Transitioning groups of teachers to Flipped Learning requires insight, skill, and experience to avoid the big mistakes.  Change management expertise is the "X" factor in successful Flipped Learning adoption.

Our team has unequaled experience with working through "resistance to change" and the longest track record of successfully moving classrooms from traditional instruction to a Flipped Learning framework. They share their latest insights and real-world experiences monthly in FLR magazine.

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