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Company – SIGONGmedia


Digital Educational Contents Development and Software/Platform

Physical address – 225-20, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13494 Korea

Website URL – http://www.sigongmedia.co.kr/ENG

Customer support contact – jk@sigongmedia.co.kr

Company founded – February 2002

Product description – i-Scream S

Student-centered Digital Education Platform implemented based on Flipped Learning Model.












i-Scream S is a web-based educational platform that teachers log-in to get an access to digital curricular contents in various types, for all grades and subjects in elementary level of education. ‘i-Scream S’ has been in service since 2008, According to SIGNONG Media over 92% of teachers in Korea utilize SIGONGmedia contents as supplementary teaching material through i-Scream S.

Flipped learning application

‘i-Scream S’ is a digital education platform providing features of knowledge sharing, discussion, collaboration and academic inquiry based on digital teaching & learning based on the concept of Flipped Learning. Teachers can freely share and curate whatever digital educational contents that they would like to share with their students through i-Scream S.  Students can study the curated content with their mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones, and they learn about key concepts before they come to class.

‘i-Scream S’ is an integrated platform of digital curricular content for subjects in primary schools. It offers subject-activity, discretionary-activity and assessment material, including videos, images, animation, interactive modules, sound sources and encyclopedic information which works interactively.

Tech requirements –

  • i-Scream S (Web-based platform):
  • ‘Google Chrome Browser’ is highly recommended (version 50+)
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Windows OS 7+
  • i-Scream S (Mobile App):
  • iOS 8.0+
  • Android 4.1+

Grade levels served – K-12 (mainly implemented for primary school level)

Target User: Primary school teachers, students, and parents

Pricing plan –

  • Annual subscription fee (for teachers in Korea): 60USD per teacher
  • Free of use (for students and parents)

Set up cost / additional fees –

  • Except for the annual subscription fee, free of charge for setting up in Korea
  • For the global use, Set up cost / additional fees for educational Digital Contents & Software/Platform Development:

Training options – Ministry of Education certified teacher training program (optional)

Customer support options –Phone, online and onsite customer support

Current number of users worldwide –

Over 92% of primary school teachers (approx. 140,000) in Korea use ‘i-Scream S’ to teach about 3,000,000 students at schools

FLGI Rating: Product Reviewed- i-Scream

Initial Cost5
Hidden Costs3
Switching Costs– Unknown
User Friendliness4
Versatility5 (works on all devices)
Need for High Bandwidth4 (No offline component)
Cultural Compatibility5 (customized for Korean context)
Technology Life Cycle5 (cloud based so continually updated)
Ease of Set-Up– Unconfirmed
Training Time– Unconfirmed
Student Privacy5
Student Safety5
  • Customization for Korean Context
  • Ability to add teacher created content
  • Wide variety of learning objects (text, video, interactives, teacher created video)
  • Analytics are well designed and thought out.
  • Constant upgrades and improvements
  • Large adoption of the platform allows for greater penetration in the Korean market
  • This is an all-in-one tool, but often with all in one tools some of the modules could be improved.
  • Schools who adopt this need at least one day of training to be able to get up to speed on the power of the tool.


SIGONGmedia is a preferred resource provider for the Flipped Learning Global Initiative in Korea.